Monday, February 5, 2018

Folding Pop-up Valentine Card

Hey all! I'm back at it sharing another handmade card, and I think I've caught the make your own valentine cards bug! It's so heartwarming when you give your very own handcrafted cards to that special someone!

When I made my folding acetate heart card that comes together to form pockets to hold sweet tokens for Valentine's Day,

I realized another awesome version could be created from the same folding technique. It is really quite easy and you need just a few items to make one:

2 - 12x12 inch decorative cardstock
Colorful paper
Printed sayings
Paper glue

1.  Cut one 12x12 cardstock in half and fold.
2.  Lay another 12x12 cardstock on work table.
3.  Fold points together to form triangle and crease fold.
4.  Fold triangle again, creasing folds really good.

5.  Fold triangle one more time. Again, crease folds.
6.  Draw semi-circle from fold side over to opposite side with folds.
7.  Cut out along the lines.
8.  Open to reveal four heart shapes.

Next, fold the sides of the hearts on the left and right sides following the fold lines inward to form a heart. You might have to re-crease the fold lines to make them fold inside.

Next, size up your folded heart to see if it fits within one side of the first folded cardstock piece.  If it doesn't fit, fold back together and cut off around the curve portion a little at a time so that the heart fits, as pictured. (the heart in the picture below actually fits within the cardstock. It looks like it's hanging over because of the folds)

Next, lay your heart down on one side with its' point just at the fold line (not on it). Add glue all over the heart and close the cardstock down on top and smooth out. Then flip card over, add glue to heart, closing card flap, and run your hand over card, smoothing out. Place a heavy book on top so that it lays flat while drying. 

Once the glue is dry, open to reveal the pop up heart.
Open and close the card to see how cute it is!
Have fun decorating with cut-out hearts, sayings, etc.,  .  .  .
inside .  .  .
and out!
Valentine's Day is all about the heart - lots of hearts! And giving a handmade card is from the heart!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I'm sharing this adorable card at our Handmade Valentine Cards Link Party, where I'm co-hosting! Please join us with your handmade cards, too!

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  1. That is so cute! I don't know why, but it made me think of the cootie catchers we used to make in elementary school. Lol. Your card is much sweeter! Hope you have a great week!

  2. So cute Gail, it reminds me when I was a child folding little hearts. Handmade cards are so special.

  3. Gracias por enseƱarme ha hacerlo.
    Un beso

  4. I love the pop-up card Gail! I'm glad you shared how to do the fold, because for some reason that 3-D vision escapes me when I'm trying to figure those things out! I love the paper choices for your card too! Pinning!

  5. How adorable Gail! You are a crafty gal! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. So clever AND cute!!! I like that you gave each instruction a number in the picture. That helped me understand the process in a way that I did not initially by just reading the instructions (my fault, not yours). Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  7. I love it, it's so creative and perfect for Valentine's. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

  8. My dear Gail, thank you for the wonderful tutorial on how to make these lovely cards. I think my son and I will make a few over the weekend.

    Hugs to you!

  9. That looks great Gail and the instructions and photos make it so easy to follow. Such a lovely idea to make with the kids

  10. What a beautiful card!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share Some Love party; Pinned.

    1. This card was picked as one of my featured favorites today!

  11. What a fun use for all the pretty scrapbooking paper!


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