Sunday, June 25, 2017

Add a Whimsical Decorative Touch To Your Garden

Add a whimsical decorative touch to your garden by recycling a rubber door mat and cutting a lizard image out of it .  .  . and then cover in stones.  It's a super easy project that anyone can do, super cheap! 

I'm always seeing small lizards in my garden. They are quite helpful in the garden in more ways than one.    They are very beneficial in eating insects and pests that would normally feast on your flowers and plants. And sometimes they are quite amusing to watch - especially when changing colors to match the background while scampering along. I've even named a few since they always seem to be around when I'm in the garden! 

To make, you will need: 
2 bags of stones - Dollar Tree
Thin rubber mat - thrift store/Five Below
Waterproof clear silicone adhesive
Craft/utility scissors
Lizard image/paper/tape/marker

Let's begin by getting an image of a lizard.  I can't draw very well so I found a free lizard image online by googling. Then I went to a wonderful website that enlarges images called and was able to print out an image 27 inches long. 

This lizard image produced four print pages which I taped together and then cut out.

Next,  trace the image on a thin outdoor rubber mat. I was lucky to find one at a thrift store for three dollars, but Five Below also sells them for $5.

Then, fill in any missing lines and  .  .  .

cut out using craft or utility scissors.

Begin gluing on stones using a waterproof outdoor silicone adhesive. I started with the feet first, trying to find black, somewhat round stones for the toes or claws.

Then the tail,
and trunk .  .  .
almost like putting a puzzle together!

The stones have a natural beauty  - ideal for any garden project!

And colorful flowers are the perfect surroundings for this whimsical craft offering a decorative touch to your garden!

An Ode to the Lizard: "On a stone you are a stone with two small, ancient eyes -- eyes of the stone." - Neruda

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and take a little time to enjoy -

Happy Crafting!


  1. Awww, that is so cool! I like finding lizards in my garden too. This one is so fun and you could do so many other shapes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is too cute! My kiddos would have fun making this garden friend. Great tutorial!

  3. Another unique and adorable project! I had fun with the stones on my clay pot lighthouse- it can be addictive!

  4. That is so cute. We have lots of lizards around here too. Great little project for the garden and so affordable.

  5. Gail, What a fabulous idea this is! I love the rock lizard! Pinning and sharing.

  6. I love this idea! We have no lizards in our neck of the woods, so I'm thinking there are a number of fun shapes we could do to make this for the garden!

  7. What a FUN whimsical touch to the garden!! I love it!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. This is darling! Love how you attached the stones and used a mat. What a cute-cute garden decor item! I don't know if mine would turn out as well as yours you laid the stones perfectly for the project. Love the lizard toes:) Pinning to share!

  9. This is so cute and such a great idea Gail.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.

  10. This wonderful post is a GARDEN feature on the July You're the STAR blog hop:

  11. This is just delightful! Pinned for next year's Grandma Camp! I think each child could make a smaller one of the design of their choice! (But I might have to copy your lizard exactly like this!)

  12. How cute! I like easy projects that I can believe I could accomplish like this one! Thank you for sharing this with the Garden Party!

  13. Gail, that is one of the cutest ideas I've seen in ages! What on earth even made you think to do that? I really admire people who think of creative ideas like this. Every garden needs a little bit of whimsy. :)

    So glad you shared this at the garden party. Be sure to come back next month. :)

  14. What a fun and creative project! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. oops, I meant thanks for sharing with the Garden Party. :)

  16. We have no lizards in our neck of the woods, so I'm thinking there are a number of fun shapes we could do to make this for the garden!
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  17. It's amazing! I love finding lizards around my yard, too. This one is Corten really exciting and you can make any of the different designs. Thank you for sharing.

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