Saturday, May 30, 2015

DIY Party Cup LED Lights Garland

For fun decorating, I know diy party cup light garlands are all over the internet.  They have become a mainstay for summer outdoor décor lighting or to liven up any hip gathering inside.  But I'm here to tell you to forget the red cups and xmas lights or buying them already made .  .  .  some at ridiculous prices of nearly 20 dollars! 

All you have to do is string colorful party cups of your choice onto battery operated decorative LED lights found at the Dollar Tree!  Who would have thought?

Check it out: Gather your few supplies of cups, DT LED lights/batteries and a craft knife or small scissors .  .  .

Next, most tutorial say to make an x in the outside bottom of the cup like the following pictures:

But you still have to poke something down to open up the area to insert the light.

I tried inserting small scissors, turning them around for a small, neat hole  that's easier to insert the light bulb.  I like doing it this way much better.

The Dollar Tree LEDs have decorative covered figures such as dragonflies and butterflies that need to be pulled off first before inserting into the cups.  I removed every other butterfly because of the size of the cup I was using .  .  .

 and then put the butterflies back on inside the cup.

If the cups a too plain for you .  .  . they can be decorated with just about anything using your imagination.

The Dollar Tree battery operated LED lights are available in different colors, too.  This set has blue lights and can be used indoors or out.  If you're concerned about rain affecting the battery box, I placed my box in a ziplock plastic bag and had no problem with moisture.

The string of cups can also be draped like a swag instead of strung for an unusual and pretty effect.

Liven up your festive space with LED party cup lights and add a playful touch to your warm weather gatherings.  How cost effective is this using LED lights from the dollar store!

Take a little time to enjoy


Happy Crafting!


  1. Very cute and colorful. They will be a hit at a party . Love how you can pick the color, depending on the cup

  2. Thank you for sharing your creative project on the Bowdabra Saturday Crafty Showcase. We look forward to you sharing a new projects next week.

  3. This is so fun! Love the tiny LED lights and the cups look great - especially when swagged.

  4. Oh I love these Gail! They look amazing! I've seen those LED lights at our dollar store, but haven't picked any up yet. You've given me some ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Gail this is so cute and perfect for those outdoor evenings in the summer. Thank you so much for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  6. so brilliant! so easy, so quick, pretty cheap and easy to fit in with the party decorations or theme! Love this party cup led garland!!

  7. It's amazing Gail. How do you come up with these super awesome projects. Never thought of using cups like that but it's a fantastic way to match your color scheme.

  8. Love the idea of light decorating; especially during the summer outdoors. What a clever way!! And the idea of different color cups too!

  9. These look so festive! What a fun idea, Gail.


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