Monday, March 30, 2015

My Hometalk's Clipboard on Quick Easter Crafts for Everyone
Welcome to my Hometalk's Clipboard on Quick & Easy Easter Crafts for Everyone!  I was asked to curate this Easter crafts board for Hometalk! What an honor!  Easter is such a great time of year for making crafts! It puts a fresh face on spring and new creations that will brighten any home.
I've clipped some exciting posts from Hometalker's who've shared their creativity from crafty Easter Eggs to 3D Bunny Wall Art, a No-Sew Bunny & Carrot Wreath, and Bunny Topiaries just to name a few. There are so many Easter crafts here to get you inspired! And the best part  .  .  . there's still plenty of time to get crafty for Easter!
So hop on over and check out my clipboard on Easter Crafts.  And while you're there be sure to join Hometalk if you haven't already.  And of course, you can follow me too!  It's  a great place to interact with fellow Hometalkers on any subject pertaining to home and garden, crafts, décor, diy's, and so much more!  I love, love, love Hometalk! And you will, too!

Take a little time to enjoy

Happy Crafting!



  1. There's a lot of sweet Easter projects there Gail. A lot of great inspiration for next year.

  2. What a great board Gail. Hopping on over to follow it!


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