Friday, December 12, 2014

Ornament Exchange Goodies

This is my first year joining Vicky's @Life on Willie Mae Lane Annual Ornament Exchange.  Some of my blogging buddies were signing up so I had to participate too!  I don't know how Vicky managed to pair up the givers and receivers but she did an awesome job with matching our likes and dislikes.  I was given   Denise @ Denise's Delights in her Coffeeberry Cottage, someone whom I've been following for quite a while and a lover of purple, too!  Yay! She is a very lovely Christian lady who truly loves life and family.  I enjoy reading her posts so much!  In my excitement with making her ornaments and sending her my package, I forgot to take pictures.  Oh well, you'll just have to check out her blog to see what she received and enjoy reading about her everyday adventures.

 I had no idea who had my name and Vicky told me mine was coming from overseas and that got me very excited.  

The other day I opened the frontdoor and to my surprise, there was a cutely wrapped package (see picture below) waiting for me. My beautifully wrapped package was all the way from Australia!  The outside was decorated in holiday style with gold wire poinsettia and candle trimmed paper. I had never seen anything like that before! 

Carefully I opened the box and this is what I found:

 A wonderfully written holiday note, an awesome Merry Christmas with a star hang tag and a gorgeous silver poinsettia clipped onto purple tulle decorated Christmas box.  Whew!

 Inside the box on top of lavender tissue paper was the cutest burlap angel that matched perfectly with my loopy jute garland!  Who knew????

And inside the tissue paper were six adorable purple teardrop ornaments and six vintage purple lightbulb ornaments.  All together, twelve of the cutest purple ornaments you've ever seen!

I'm in a purple winter wonderland with these .  .  .

.  .  .  and these!!!
And see how the burlap angel matches my garland?  I could make lots of burlap angels to attach to the garland! What an inspiration and how adorable would that be!

All of this from the lovely Belle in Oz - The Land Down Under! Thank you so much!  I've sent her an email, thanking her and wishing her and her family a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season!  Belle doesn't have a blog but I do hope she is inspired to start one. For now, we'll just develop our friendship through emails. 

And thank you Vicky for hosting this wonderful ornament exchange!  It was so much fun!
Happy Holidays!



  1. Such lovely goodies Gail. That angel is so sweet, and it does look perfect on your garland. So much fabulous purple sparkliness.... they look so awesome on your white tree.

  2. Jealous of those purple ornaments! They'd look great on our tree :)

  3. Such lovelies Gail! I am so happy you joined the exchange this year. I have the link up on my blog so be sure to hop over and link up! Thanks for participating.

    Hugs, Vicky

  4. Lucky you! So many pretty treasures in one gift! The ornaments are simply gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful purple ornaments Gail! How exciting for a new friend from "down under" This was so much fun. Hope you have a great weekend

  6. Hi there, visiting from the ornament exchange--what fun! I am smitten with your burlap angel! Blessings, Cecilia

  7. The angel was perfect for your garland and look at all the purple goodies! It is so exciting to find a delightful package on the doorstep.

  8. Oh that sweet, dear Belle, she is a one-of-a-kind precious lady! The items she sent you are simply beautiful and simply you :) What a blessing.

    May you have a wonderful Christmas season! Hugs!

  9. So pretty Gail! I love the garland and pretty angel. I know you'll have fun making more angels. This exchange has been so much fun.

  10. Oh what nice ornaments You received. Thank You again for mine and the lovely words spoken about Me on this post.Merry Christmas to You and Your family. Blessings and hugs-Denise

  11. Gotta love purple! These are gorgeous ornaments. I love your burlap Angel! What a sweet gift.
    Hopped over from Vicky's ornament exchange.

  12. Oh those are just adorable, Gail! Love the angel too. She's so unique.

  13. Beautiful! I think this exchange was the best time. Merry Christmas, Gail!

  14. This article shares GAIL's first-year participation in Vicky's Annual Ornament Exchange, showcasing the camaraderie among blogging buddies. GAIL shares her experience, including forgetting to take pictures of her handmade ornaments and receiving an overseas package. The article also mentions Belle in Oz, expressing gratitude and wishing her a Merry Christmas and Holiday Season. Flyoke


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