Monday, September 15, 2014

Burlap Accordion Pumpkin

I've just really started thinking about decorating for fall.  One idea that I've come across is accordion paper pumpkins.    I think they are so adorable for fall décor.  They are actually different sizes of paper medallions stacked together to form a pumpkin.  Making them out of burlap would be a different twist on a cute idea don't you think!   

Here's how I put one together.

Gather the following items:
Orange burlap
mod podge
paint brush
tacky glue/ hot glue
circle template
small piece of brown burlap for stem
stem wire
small piece of green burlap for leaves
small piece of foam noodle (optional)

The first thing you need to do is coat the orange burlap with mod podge and allow to dry.

Next, cut out   2 - 5 1/2 inch x 12 inch strips
             2 - 5 inch x 12 inch strips
             2 - 4 3/4 inch x 12 inch strips
             2 - 4 1/2 inch x 12 inch strips
             2 - 4 inch x 12 inch strips
             1 -  2 1/2 inch 12 inch strip

Fold the burlap strips back and forth like an accordion, using the handle of the scissors to make crisp edges.

Glue the two strips together using tacky glue to create one large piece and then glue the ends together to create a pleated circle.

Cut out 2 small circles for each layer, top and bottom, to hold the accordion shape together.

Take the enclosed accordion circle and push down on the pleats until it flattens and push the edges toward the center, as close as possible, to create a medallion or rosette.

Add hot glue around the center and place a burlap circle on top and allow to dry. Once dry, turn over and glue another burlap circle to the center of the medallion.

Do the same for all the strips of burlap, creating six layers.

Stack the layers on top of each other beginning with the widest accordion piece, creating a pumpkin shape.

I used a piece of foam noodle between each layer to add a bit of "body" to the pumpkin and make it look a bit fuller.

To create the stem,  I rolled a piece of brown burlap ribbon using a skewer and glued the end, then inserted a wire stem and wrapped it around a pencil to shape and hot glued it to the top layer.

Adding green burlap leaves to the top:


Love how cute this burlap accordion pumpkin turned out.  Wouldn't it be great to use this as a centerpiece or to decorate throughout your home for Autumn, Fall or Thanksgiving?

Take a little time to enjoy


Happy Crafting!


  1. I love your pumpkin Gail! It's so cute. Great tute and pics as always.

  2. Gah so cute! I love the burlap pinwheels just on their own too, they'd make a great banner!

  3. Oh I love this! Look at you thinking outside the box for fall! That stem is the best looking pumpkin stem out there too! Brilliant girl! (And I love that Mel said "Gah"!!!)

  4. Super cute and the stem is perfect! I agree with Mel those pinwheels could also make a great banner!

  5. Mod Podgiing burlap!?! So clever. This is so unique - love it.

  6. Cute!!! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow evening that links to your tutorial:

  7. Cute and inexpensive! Just my thing. =) Thanks for linking up with us at The DIY'ers!

  8. Super, duper CUTE! Hey I am seeing green burlap Christmas trees made the same way too. You are so clever!

  9. This is really cute...I've never seen an accordion pumpkin idea before...great idea! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share this with us

  10. Saw your pumpkin on Creative Ways linky party and just had to stop by! I love your tutorial, I'm going to try to make one myself. Thank you for sharing :) Have a great day!


  11. Those are so them! I pinned and also added them to stumbled this too...Great job Gail!

  12. This is so, so cute! What a great idea, I might have to try it! I wonder if you could do a snowman shape for winter?? Hmm.... ;)

    Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Wind-Down party. Would you consider linking back to us somewhere on your site so we can feature you? Thanks!

    Nicole =)

    1. Just wanted to let you know that I am featuring this post on this week's party! You can see it at 6pm Friday night, grab a button, and link up new posts. Thanks for giving us great content to feature! =)

  13. Cute DIY, thanks for sharing at the #WWDParty.

  14. What an absolutely adorable pumpkin. Thank you so much for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  15. What a great idea, I just love how this turned out. Burlap is one of my favorite materials to work with in fall. Pinning and sharing!

  16. Gail, you are the QUEEN of DIY. I love this so much! I'm going to be making some pumpkin type things now that our big tag sale is over. Best wishes, Linda... oh, I'm pinning also.

  17. Just stopping by from the Etcetorize link party! I love this tutorial, thanks for posting - I'm going to see if the ladies in my moms group want to tackle this as our craft next month. I'll be following you on bloglovin'!

  18. LOVE!
    Running a little late, but g'day!

  19. Very cute and different. Thanks for sharing with us at the Southern Special

  20. totally cute, original and fun! Love this burlap accordion pumpkin! Stop by our Snickerdoodle Sunday sometime, we would love to have you visit!

  21. What a cool pumpkin. I've never seen orange burlap! How neat. Thanks for sharing the DIY! I'd love you to link at the Fabulous Fall LInky Party! Come and link up!

  22. Oh Sweetie thank you for linking your wonderful pumpkin post at the Fabulous Fall linky party! I forgot to follow you last night but I am now! The party runs through the next week. I'll announce the new theme on the First! And, come by Saturday for my Sleepover post. I'll be featuring one of the posts from the party!

  23. I love burlap, it's such a fun medium to use in crafts. Love how you used it to make this entire purmpkin.


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