Saturday, March 1, 2014

Make A Quick and Easy Box for Spring

We all are thinking about spring and décor now that March is here.  Want to make a really quick and easy box to hold some of those beautiful spring items, Easter accessories or a few tchotchkes or trinkets?  Here's how:

Take a SQUARE sheet of paper or cardstock

Fold in half,  point to point, diagonally, crease in the middle making sure edges match.

Open paper and fold the opposite side.

The inside should look like this, with an intersected crease in the middle.

Next, pick any paper point and fold to the middle crease intersection.  Unfold and repeat for the other three points.

Your folded paper should look like this with all points meeting in the center.

 Open paper and take any point to the farthest crease intersection on the opposite side, fold down and crease. Unfold and repeat for the other three sides.

Open paper and take one of the points and fold to the first intersected crease. Unfold and repeat for the other three sides.

Your paper should look like this, something like a large quilted pattern with creases.

Next, looking at the center of the paper, you will see four small squares where I marked with a pencil.  This area is the flat bottom or top of the box.  You do not want to cut in this area. 

  Using scissors, make four (4) straight cuts toward center of box, from bottom to top to create tabs on opposite sides.

You will have the two tabs you just made by cutting the paper and two large triangles (left/right)

Fold up one triangle where you already have the folds and fold down on top of itself, pushing the triangle point down to the center.  Repeat same on the other side.


Take the two small tabs on either side and push together.


 Push the triangle down onto the center and take the two small tabs on either side that you have together and fold the triangle up and over and down into the bottom of the box where the creases already are.

*Please excuse my rough looking hands. A little lotion might help but I should have worn gloves when I was younger.
Now it's too late. 

Do the same on other side.   

You can crease all folds with the side of a pen or bone folder for a crisp, cleaner look.
The box folds in such a way that glue is not needed and will stay together on its' own. 

A top can be made the same way by using paper perhaps a centimeter smaller or larger than the one you make so long as the paper is a square.

There are lots of videos available on YouTube for making boxes with different folding techniques. This way is one of the easiest. 

Once made, the cute little box is ready to be used for just about anything you can imagine to welcome Spring!

Take a little time to enjoy


Happy Crafting


  1. That is so cute. How creative you are.

    Shannon ~

  2. Gail that was a fabulous tutorial on a difficult-to-explain process! Your box turned out lovely and your pictures are gorgeous. I am dreaming of spring even as we are having sleet today. Oh cannot bloom fast enough for me!

  3. That is a fabulous box, but I must admit that every time I read your wonderful tutorials I think to myself, that woman has so much patience!!

  4. I will have to practice this - I need a paper box for the base of a project and this might do the trick. Loved the way you styled it with the straw and eggs.

  5. I love how easy you just made that look. The pictures are worth a thousand words. I'm pinning this because I think it's adorable. I can think of so many uses for the little box, too. Thanks for this. (Found you scanning through at A Stroll Through Life. )

  6. Wow, what a fabulous idea and super tutorial. It looks so pretty. Great vignette. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hi Gail,
    that's a great tutorial. Thank you!
    Have a good time and sunny days.
    All the best from Austria

  8. Hi Gail,
    me again,
    thank you for stepping by.
    Have a wonderful time

  9. Your choice of paper makes this box what it is! Love it from afar. In fact, I need to be honest, I'm green with envy as I am a bit of a stationery freak and love all things paper and letter writing. Visiting via "FlusterBusterCreativeMuster" linkup.

  10. Gail, these are great instructions. These boxes are unique and could be personalized with any choice of paper.

    Thanks for visiting my posts at Silo Hill Farm!


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