Friday, June 22, 2012


When I got married over forty years ago, I carried a bouquet of gardenias. At the time, I was drawn to the gardenia  because of it's fragrant, delicate white flower that seemed intoxicating. I've tried growing gardenia plants through the years with no success. On numerous occasions, my niece has brought me transplanted gardenias from her and her mother's yard in North Carolina. Recently, we moved to Millersville, Maryland, and once again, my niece has given me several gardenia plants for my new home.

 This time I decided to do some research on basic care and growth requirements in hopes of maintaining a lasting and rewarding relationship with my gardenia plants. I discovered that gardenias are tricky plants that are very particular about their growing conditions. They also require some consistent maintenance in order to keep them happy and beautiful. Many people, and I hope not to become one of them, give up on gardenias because of their finicky nature.  However, once I understand what a gardenia needs to survive, growing them will be very rewarding with their glossy green foliage and fragrant white blossoms.

 Gardenia Requirements are Very Exact:       
  • It demands bright (not direct) light - some shading in the summer (in the hottest areas)
  • It flourishes in acidic soils with good drainage
  • Keep the soil with plenty of organic matter, moist, but not soggy
  • It demands high humidity, or daily misting
  • Heavy feeding
  • Cool night temperatures
 I also discovered that gardenias are cold sensitive and may die during severe winters - something that can and has happened in my area.

For now, my gardenia plants are thriving.

Just this morning, I discovered a beautiful blossom on one of the plants. This, in itself, is a success story  .   .   . .   .   I've never had a gardenia plant to bloom!

See the morning dew? Oh, how pretty
 it is!!!


  1. White Gardenia Night

    Gardenias saturate the night,
    clothed in their array of lovely white.
    Their fragrance permeates the nose,
    and far outshines the perfect rose.

    White Gardenias take me there,
    while I sit upon my chair.
    And listen to the crickets play,
    in their orchestrative way.

    I feel blessed to be,
    alone in my revery,
    on a White Gardenia night!

    By: Rebecca Wiles

  2. It is apparent that you have an angel's touch with these plants. I hope my gardenias blooms like yours next year!

  3. Plina, Thank you, though, I think they came from someone with an angel's touch - my sister-in-law, Maria. Time will tell. I hope yours will bloom,too! Gail


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