Monday, May 7, 2012

Sewing With Duralee Fabric

 I love the color Plum. I'm always googling the word to see what comes up on the internet.  While we were waiting for our new home to be built  (after we sold our old one and living in a townhouse)

I came across some fabric by Duralee, a Thomas Paul creation called, "Plum" (20966 95) .  .  .   .

 And a chair at Target, also called "Plum"

I quickly order two chairs and was very pleased when they finally arrived.   I kept thinking if the fabric I saw  really matched the fabric in the Target chairs. I was able to order a sample online and sure enough it turned out to be the same material.  WHAT A FIND!!!  But to me, quite EXPENSIVE at $38.00 a yard.

I wasn't willing to pay that much, especially since
I didn't know what I would do with the fabric, except make pillows.  I eventually found a store called Heritage Fabrics that had a "sale" offering the Duralee Plum for $28.00 a yard. This was a great price and I ordered four yards - just in case I thought of something else to make out of the fabric.

I'm not going to give a tutorial on how to make pillows. You can easily find many, like I did.  I made the quickest pillows I could - just sewing three sides. No zippers, no welting,etc. - just plain pillows.

                             You can see the TARGET CHAIRS in the center of the bay window.

And, I think the pillows turned out really GREAT!!!                

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