Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spoon Flower Napkin Ring

Spoons (9)
Small glass jar candle
Decorative accent filler
18” florist wire
Crafting beads
Small needle nose pliers
Glue gun
Small tube

     Light the candle. Take a spoon by the handle and hold the bowl portion over the flame (not too close or it will blacken or create a hole). You will begin to see movement of the plastic. Move the spoon around the heat of the flame. This is how you can shape the spoon into a “petal” using your fingertips, by bending it up or back or letting it flop. Visualize how a flower might look and have fun shaping. If it gets too hot, move it away from the flame and let it cool.

Once you’ve gotten the desired shape for all of your petals, hold each end of the spoon and place the curve part of the handle over the flame and pull the handle away from the petal. Let cool. Do this for all 9 petals.

     For the flower, layer one, consist of 5 petals, and layer two, 4 petals. Begin, by taking 2 petals and holding the “handle” ends over the flame until they soften, pushing them together (side by side). While still warm, press together (flatten) using your fingertips or needle nose pliers. Be careful doing this, the plastic can get very HOT! Continue melting the ends of each petal (one by one) to the first two until you’ve put together all five petals. This is the first layer. Stagger the next four petals over the first layer by placing just the melted ends into the center of the first layer, one by one. This is the second layer. Now that the actual “flower” is formed, glue five small pieces of decorative accents (fillers) into the center.

     To make the napkin ring, thread crafting beads onto an 18” straight floral wire, bending the ends of the wire with the needle nose pliers to secure them.

 I then wrapped the beaded wire around a small tube (a saran wrap tube is smaller and sturdier than a toilet paper tube). 

Holding the shaped beaded wire together, hot glue the bottom of the flower to the wire.  Ta Da! A lovely spoon flower napkin ring!

Now to make seven more! 

                               Got carried away . . . .

 Made some for my friends .  .  .
and me, too!

Thanks for stopping by

and take a little time to enjoy,

Happy Crafting!


  1. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing what you've done and how to do it!

  2. Very lovely and cut idea !! Thanks a lot for the demonstration !!

  3. Very delicate and artistic, Gail!!!
    Thank you for sharing with us at Creative Craft Challenge! PINNED! :)

  4. Hi Gail, love your plastic spoon flowers especially the pink one. Thanks for the tutorial and sharing it with us at the Creative Challenge Link party.

  5. ohhhhhhh neato!! who knew you could play with plastic ware and fire and make something so cool!! I love the painted one too :) awesome and beautiful in one! Thanks for sharing with us @ the craft challenge!

    1. Hey Gail this crafty upcycle will be featured tomorrow at the craft challenge! hope you stop by :)

  6. Wow, that is beautiful!! What a great and easy way to make your own table decor!! Pinning this!


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