Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ribbon Wrapped Ornament DIY

I love making ornaments for Christmas and ribbon is one of my favorite materials to use. So I thought I would make a ribbon wrapped ornament for Janet @ Try It, Like It, Create It, my ornament exchange partner for this year's Christmas Ornament Exchange Challenge! 

The rules of the challenge were simple: be partnered with a fellow blogger, create a handmade ornament for $15 or under, create a tutorial, and ship the ornament off to a new home!

Janet's style was pretty much open to anything since she doesn't decorate to a theme or color scheme for Christmas. How cool is that for me! I thought she would love red and gold ribbon which would blend in for most holiday decor. The design of the ornament might look intricate but it's really quite simple!

  • Smooth Styrofoam ball - 3"
  • Sandpaper
  • Double-sided tape
  • 1/4" Ribbon - 6+yds.
  • 5/8" Gold decorative ribbon
  • Gold beaded trim 
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue

First, there is usually a ridge midway around the smooth styrofoam ball that needs to be sanded away, and then wiping off any residue afterwards. Next wrap the ball with double sided tape.  Start at the center end, down, around, and back to the starting point. And finally run the tape across the middle, until ends meet. 

*FYI, don't use dollar store double sided tape like I did. I thought it would be the same as what I used here, but it was not as soft, didn't lay as flat around the curves and was a bit crispy. I didn't realize this until I was midway through.

Next, place the end of the 1/4" ribbon on top of the tape at the top center and start wrapping the ball down and around, back to the starting point, and then slightly moving to the left or right (it doesn't matter), overlapping the edge of the ribbon .  .  . 

down and around and crisscrossing at the center top and bottom. Continue following the ribbon edge, pulling ribbon down to the bottom, crisscrossing ribbon, and back up to starting point, crisscrossing again. 

Be sure that the edges of the ribbon touches the tape, smoothing it out and straightening any areas as you wrap. 

Also check to make sure you are covering the styrofoam ball as you wrap and there are "no open" spots. Quickly lift the ribbon to smooth out or straighten overlapping areas if you make a mistake while wrapping or the ribbon moves out of place.

Continue wrapping ribbon down while overlapping edges, crisscrossing and up again, overlapping edges until the ball is completely covered.  Then end the ribbon at the top starting area, cutting off excess and while holding taut, glue down with a small dab of glue. 

Next, to make the hanging loop, cut an 8" piece of 1/4" ribbon or wider, folding in half. Place a dab of glue between the ribbon about an inch from the ends and press together. Let dry.

Open the ends of the ribbon out from the glued spot, and place glue on both sides of the inside ends. Press down ribbon ends at the center top and hold in place. Let dry.

For the ribbon flower trim, cut 25 - four inch pieces of 5/8" decorative ribbon. Fold in half, forming a loop and glue ends together.

Place loops in the 3, 6. 9 and 12 positions and glue in place - then add additional loops overlapping the first row, second row, etc. until .  .  .

the area is completely filled in with ribbon loops forming a cute flower.

For the center, cut off a strip of beaded trim and wrap around the bottom of the ribbon loop, gluing in place.

I made an explosion card box to place the ornament in as a special surprise for Janet. You can find the tutorial for the basic construction of an explosion card box here

Be sure to join us at our Handmade Ornament Link Party and share your favorite Christmas ornaments!


  1. What a pretty ribbon ornament! These would be fun to make at a craft night get together during the holiday because even the non-crafty among the group could make them and go home with a beautiful handmade ornament they could be proud to have made.

    1. That's a great idea! You are so right! That would be a fun night!

  2. Ribbon crafts are one of my favorites. I just love pretty ribbon. This is beautiful!

  3. So pretty and festive, you did a great job! #2018ornamentexchange

  4. This is so pretty and the use of double sided tape is brilliant!

  5. I love how they turned out! They remind me of the vintage satin thread wrapped ornaments my mom has on her tree

  6. This is so beautiful! I love ribbon ornaments! The gold loops are nice pop of gold!

  7. The ornament is so lovely. I love the elegance of it.

  8. I love my ornament - thank you! The bow on the top looks store bought it is so perfect! The exploding box was a surprise, I have never made one, although I have designed a template SVG to cut one out! (funny we both used ribbons!) - yours is on it's way a bit late - sorry.

  9. It turned out beautifully Gail. We have so much ribbon in our craft cupboard, that would be just perfect for something like this. My daughter went through this whole phase were she would buy every ribbon she saw ;-) I think I need to make her a few so we can at least use up some of that ribbon

  10. Your ribbon ornament is so pretty, Gail. I love the gold and red. Great tip about the dollar store tape. Somethings aren't the greatest from there. The gold bow on top really sets it off.

  11. Lovely ornament. It looks harder to make than it is. Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial on the ornament exchange. Pinned.

  12. These are really pretty. I love the pattern you used to wrap the ribbon. Gorgeous. Pinned

  13. This is so pretty and seems really simple to make! I love it!

  14. This is so pretty. The result looks for more complicated that you have shown! I just love it. Not sure it would come out as perfect for me but it is so pretty.