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DIY Vintage Glass Ornament

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It's Day One and we're sharing DIY Ornaments!

Who doesn't love handmade ornaments? I'm so excited to share with you how to do a reverse decoupage technique on ornaments and also how to weave ribbon for trimming the ornament.
For the reverse decoupage technique, a paper napkin is decoupage faced down on the back of a glass ornament, giving off a see-through the glass picture.  This allows you to use the back and possibly the front to add additional decorative elements like glitter paint and woven ribbon trim around the ornament.  The woven ribbon trim is actually the same how braiding a ribbon lei is done. Both are very popular handmade dimensional effects for ornaments!

Let's begin by separating the 2-3 ply white paper layers of the napkin from the printed layer.
 Next, place the ornament (I'm using an unusual square shape) on the napkin at the design spot you want to show through the glass.
 Dip a small brush into plain water, tapping off excess and outline the ornament.
Gently tear out the pattern along the wet lines.  Do this so the napkin paper edges will blend in better than the straight lines from cutting.

With a dabber sponge brush, lightly coat the back with mod podge.
Place the napkin face down onto the  ornament back, centering the design.

 Smooth out the napkin using one side of a plastic sandwich bag or plastic wrap and your fingers to remove any wrinkles.
 Once the decoupage napkin has dried, paint the backing white to enhance the napkin color pattern.  Once the paint is dry, paint over in gold or matching color.  While the paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter on top and allow to dry. Once dry, seal glitter with  more mod podge to prevent glitter from flaking off.
To make the woven ribbon trim, cut two 1/4" wide ribbon strips 60 inches long.  Make a slip knot on one end.
 Next, make a loop on one end of the other ribbon strip and push the loop through the loop on the slipknot. Tighten the ribbon by pulling on the long ribbon end of the slipknot loop, keeping the ribbon snug and straight.
 Pick up the opposite longer ribbon strip, make a loop and insert into the loop that's there.  Tighten the ribbon, as before.
 Continue alternating the ribbon strips, making loops and pushing the ribbon loop through the opposite loop, braiding the ribbon.  You will see a pretty pattern emerge as you continue to braid.
You will see a pretty pattern emerge as you continue to braid.
Make sure you are tightening the ribbon loops, as pictured below.
Continue to loop, push and tighten ribbon strips until you have braided most of the ribbon and have only a few inches left. Measure around the ornament to make sure you have braided enough. If you have too much braided ribbon, remove by pulling on the ribbon strips until satisfied with the length. Make sure the ribbon is tight and pull the tail end of the last loop all the way through to the braid.
 Tuck the ends under and back into the braid.  Add a dab of hot glue to seal and cut off excess on both ends.

Use a glue that's suitable for glass like E6000 to secure on the braid around the ornament.
Secure the top on and add a hanging ribbon to complete the vintage ornament look!

Be sure to visit our fellow 12 Days of Christmas Bloggers above for even more creative ideas this holiday season!
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  1. I am currently having a love affair with decoupage. Where did you find those beautiful napkins? Love this ornament, especially the creativity with the braided ribbon! So glad you are sharing your creative spirit with us for the 12 Days of Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Shirley! I found the napkins on Etsy! There are sites that sell designs and color napkins just for decoupage. It was a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful blog hop!

  2. This is lovely, Gail! I love the braid technique for the ribbon, too. What a unique ornament. I love it!

    1. Thanks, Beverly! I tried finding a trim to use but either they were too expensive or too small for the width of the sides, so I decided to make my own!

  3. Over the top, beyond fantastic!!! I have a huge stash of napkins that I like to make things with but I have never seen this idea. Where did you get the square ornament? I'm guessing maybe Hobby Lobby might have them. I like the shape. The braided ribbon technique is lovely too -- awesome tutorial! Pinning!

    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! Actually, I found the glass square shape ornaments at ACMoore. It's an unusual shape and had to get them!

  4. Love the new vintage ornaments like this. You have a great tutorial!

  5. I learned so much reading your post. I loved the ideas, especially the woven ribbon. The ornament is so pretty.

  6. I love this layered decoupage look and that lei making technique is something my grandma used to do all the time. In fact, I think I have graduation leis made like that.

  7. Such a cool way to make a vintage look for an ornament. The ribbon adds the perfect finishing touch!

  8. This is so gorgeous. I love the braided ribbon.

  9. These are so pretty, Gail! You are the Queen of Decoupage. Just love these! Pinned :)

  10. Such a beautiful and unique ornament!! I absolutely love this and the braided ribbon is so pretty..


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